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Nathaniel's Fashion Lookbook

Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing well, I've neglected my blog for so long but I'm hoping to catch up with you guys and share all of the things I've been working on for the past few months! Starting with one of my all time favorite sessions so far!

Back in May I had the opportunity to reconnect with one of my high school classmates, Nathaniel. We did a fashion Lookbook in Seattle's International District and Pioneer Square District. It's crazy, because as many times as I've shot in Pioneer Square, I never get tired of the results! There's always something new to capture every time I visit. I don't often get to shoot creative content, so it was really fun being able to think outside the box while also challenging my skills as a photographer to create something new and different than what I'm used to!

Super excited to work on more creative / fashion related content in the future. If you're interested in booking a creative shoot with me, let's work together! Anyways, check out some of my favs of our shoot below!

Talk to you later!

Marcella Ratsamy

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