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Creative Portraits || Darian and David || Feb. 25th 2017

A few weeks ago, I got to work with two aspiring models / artists, Darian and David! I met Darian through mutual friends, and we actually did a shoot before this a few months back. Since we first met, I could clearly see his passion for art and his keen eye for creativity. He told me, "Life inspires me to be creative. The artists I listen to and their visuals really have a huge impact. I want to be different... I feel like people don't embrace that enough." David, I actually met for the first time the day of the shoot. He's originally from Mexico, and recently moved to the PNW not too long ago! He also shares the same love for art, and enjoys spending his time at the beach and or hiking in the great outdoors. He says, "The moments and experiences that I share with people inspire my creativity... I love going on adventures and meeting new people."

We drove down to one of my favorite spots in North Bend, Rattlesnake Lake. Luckily, we didn't run into the snow storm that was forecasted that day, but the temperature was still freeeeezing cold. Darian had to endure the weather being in nothing but shorts! I'm surprised that he didn't get hypothermia, because David and I were in multiple layers, and we were still freezing our buns off! Darian said, "It's all worth it for the art!" Despite the chilly weather, this experimental photo shoot was a success in my book! I was scared at first since I never worked with smoke bombs before, but I was so happy with the outcome, they looked so beautiful and magical! We did come across some difficulties while using them, but I learn a lot from it, and can't wait to use them again for other shoots!

Later on that night, we went down to Pike Place Market in Seattle for David's urban #NeonMovement shoot. I can't even count how many times I've revisited Pike Place this past year but... I never get tired of it!!! Especially at night when there's practically no one there, so you get the whole place to yourself. It probably isn't the safest to be there during late hours though, so make sure to always go with a group of friends! All in all, we ended the night with lots of great shots and plenty of laughs, these guys are super fun and hilarious to be around! They got a lot of attention from both locations as well. People kept coming up to us and I kept telling everyone they were Instagram famous models. Someone even asked to take picture! (Famous much, lmao jk. BUT SOON THOUGH... I can already see it!)

Here are a few of my favorite images below. Also, don't forget to follow these guys and show them some love! Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon! :)

[INSTAGRAM] /// Darian: @darianwebb /// David: @triggsde /// Sarah (body paint artist): @shlsart

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