Here is a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience!

 If you have any additional questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form at the top of the page.

General Questions

Q: What type of camera/equipment do you use?

I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. One of my favorite lenses to shoot with is the Sigma ART 35mm 1.4, but rotate between the Canon 50mm 1.4  and 85mm 1.8. For editing, I use Adobe software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

Q: When did you start doing photography?

I've always enjoyed doing photography ever since I was in High School, but I officially started doing client photography during the end of 2015. So it's been about 3 years!

Q: What do you shoot, and how would you describe your style?

I shoot a variety of different media but would have to say that portrait photography is my top! I’ve always loved working with people the most. My style is constantly changing but at the moment I feel that my photography most resembles documentary and lifestyle photography. I really love to capture my clients in the moment, and with their surroundings. 

Q: Do you do destination weddings, events and portraits?

Most definitely! I love to travel, so I am always jumping at the opportunity to fly across the map to meet and work with new people! ♡


Booking & Pricing

Q: How much do you charge?

Prices vary depending on several factors including: the type of job, location, time coverage, number of outfit changes, accommodation and flying costs for destination portraits and events! Please fill out the contact form at the top of the page for  my current rates.

Q: Your rates don't fit my current budget, is there a cheaper alternative?

Let's face it, not all budgets are created equally. If a price goes over your budget, don't be afraid to let me know, and we can figure out other options that work for the both of us. I cannot guarantee that I can meet your requests, but I WILL try! 

Q: How do I reserve you for my date?

Please fill out the contact page below, and I will get back to you via email if your date(s) requested are available. 😊

Q: Do you provide partial day coverage for events?

Yes, for events I can charge per hour, or for the whole day.

Q: Do you meet with your clients before an event or shoot?

Although not necessary, I am always open to having a small meeting with my clients. Just so I can get to know them before shooting a special event or portrait session, and to get a better idea and visualization of what they had in mind for our shoot day!

Q: What other options are there if we can’t meet up?

If you would still like to have that one to one conversation about your big day but can’t find it in your schedule to fit a meeting in, we can always talk over the phone, text, and exchange emails as well!

Q: Do I need to put down a down payment before my event date?

I only require a down payment for larger events such as weddings, debuts, and quinceneras, just for preparation purposes and to reserve their event date. Other than that, all payments are to be paid the day of.

Q: Can I reschedule my photo shoot / event date?

Yes, just as long as my availability allows it.

Q: Is there a fee if we exceed our contracted time for our photo shoot and/or wedding day coverage?

Yes, there will be a fee if you would like for me to stay additional time for your event, as well as if we go over our photo shoot time.

Receiving the Final Product

Q: How will I receive the images?

You will receive all images via online photo gallery. Also available are USB and photo albums at additional cost.

Q: Do you print our photos?

Typically, I leave the photo printing to my clients, so they can pick and choose their favorite photographs to print. This way also saves them money! But I can also print albums for additional cost.

Q: How many images do you deliver on the image download?

For a normal 1-2-hour portrait session, I usually send about 50+ edited photographs, and for events I send anywhere from 200-300+ depending on the length of your event!

Q: Do you touch up all the images on our image download?

For all the photographs I edit, my price includes fixing the overall: lighting, color-tones, and sharpening, as well as small blemishes fixes, but I do not intensely Photoshop all photographs. If you would like your portraits to be re-touched (blemishes removed, smooth skin, eyes brightened, teeth whitened) I can do that as well for additional cost.

Q: How soon can we expect to receive our pictures?

Depending on the volume of clientele I receive in the given time period, turnaround time for edits usually takes 1-2 week for portrait sessions and about a month for events. Quicker turnaround times may be purchased if needed sooner.

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