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Hey there!


My name is Marcella. I'm a Seattle based portrait photographer and recent graduate from the University of Washington School of Art, Art History & Design.  

My passion for photography started before I even began kindergarten. I would take my Polaroid and disposable film cameras with me everywhere! Later, I upgraded to a point and shoot, and eventually got my first DSLR in my freshman year of high-school. I've always loved capturing the moment, and the people around me.

Fast forward to now, I've continued to explore what photography has to offer, and have shot everything from weddings, senior portraits, brand-shoots, corporate events and more!

I believe in getting to know my clientele so I can best capture and re-create their ideal visions. So please, feel free to contact me here, with any questions, inquires or collaborative works you may have. Hope to hear from you soon.

Looking forward to working with you ♡


- Marcella Ratsamy

find me on instagram @marcellarphoto

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